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Announcing Green Peak Environmental Solutions

It is our pleasure to announce the formation of Green Peak Environmental Solutions, a subsidiary of Green Peak Imaging Solutions. Along with the rollout of GPES, we've received a NJDEP Certification Number for our status as a Universal Waste Handler. These are two steps towards closing the loop for small, medium and large businesses that are eco-friendly and eco-savvy.

Our position in the industry is unique. Green Peak Imaging Solutions is not only a provider of the highest-quality and most eco-friendly printer consumables out in the market, but we are also a customer-friendly electronic equipment reclamation firm that provides an easy and efficient solution to recycle ALL retirned office equipment - from calculators to typwriters to computers to mainframes, copiers and printers - we collect and responsibly recycle them all.

More on this to come - but if you have any questions about printer toner, printers, copiers, or equipment recycling, please do not hesitate to contact us today via email or call us at (732) 659-GPIS (4747).

The NJDEP Has Recognized Green Peak Imaging Solutions as a Universal Waste Handler

We are really excited about this! Green Peak Imaging Solutions is now a Universal Waste Handler - focusing on the reclamation and recycling of electronic waste such as printers (of course), computers, monitors, consumer electronics and corporate electronics that are "retired."

The press release will go out Monday, August 15th, but you can read it first HERE:


Eco-Friendly Print Solutions Company Adds Reclamation to Value Offerings

Green Peak Imaging Solutions has announced that the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection and Bureau of Landfill and Hazardous Waste Permitting has recognized the eco-friendly print solutions company as a registered Universal Waste Handler in the state. Green Peak's waste handling activities can now extend beyond just recycling empty printer toner cartridges and ink cartridges, opening the door to reclaim and recycle consumer and corporate electronic waste such as computers, servers, televisions, peripherals and printers.

"We are excited about the prospect of being able to provide a comprehensive electronics recycling solution for our customers," stated Dennis Fotopoulos, President of Green Peak Imaging Solutions, "by closing the recycling loop, we can reclaim and recycle all of our customers' electronic waste and not just empty cartridges."

Green Peak has built a strong relationship with one of the premier electronics recycling centers in the state. With the registration, Green Peak has moved one step closer to its Zero Landfill goal, and has provided a means for its customers to reach that goal.

"The foundation of our business is recycling," added Fotopoulos, "and at the core, we will always strive to strengthen that foundation."

Check back here often for news about Green Peak Imaging Solutions' recycling activities!


Green Peak Imaging Celebrates Earth Day 2011 - Keeping the Commitment

When Green Peak Imaging Solutions launched in August of last year, the mission was clear: Landfill Free in Three Years. Landfill waste and toxic waste materials continue to be a burden on an already taxed environment. We understand what the commitment our mission brings to bear on us means. It means we need to practice what we preach at work and at home.

How have we done? You can ask our growing customer base - but from our end, first and foremost, not one empty cartridge, printer, computer or other electronic device that Green Peak Imaging Solutions reclaimed ended up in a landfill this year. We've collected our fair share of these items and in doing so we have reduced our customers' carbon footprint significantly - not to mention our own. But we can do better and we continue to elevate our commitment to the environment.

Over the past few quarters we have brought on preferred vendors that are required to document their recycling programs with us. One of our preferred vendor/manufacturers has been ISO 14001 certified. One of our vendors manufactures AgriTone brand Bio-Based toner, which reduces the petroleum content of certain toner SKUs by 35%.

So what is the impact of NOT being environmentally responsible when it comes to recycling your ink and toner cartridges? As one of the industry leaders has documented it:

  • Each discarded laser cartridge adds approximately 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic waste to our landfills - waste that will take as long as 1,000 years to decompose.
  • According to Recharger Magazine, the plastic in each new laser toner cartridge takes 3.5 quarts of oil to produce while each new inkjet cartridge requires 2.5 ounces of oil.
  • CO2 emissions during the manufacturing of a new cartridge are almost 2.5 times the emissions produced during remanufacturing (based on a 2008 independent study performed by Best Foot Forward and commissioned by Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse).

In years gone by, consumers had no choice but to toss the used cartridges. Further commitment from Green Peak Imaging Solutions and other industry leaders means that now consumers do have a choice.

Now and in the future, Earth Day and Every Day, we're here for you if you choose Keep IT Green.

Introducing Remanufactured Toner for the Color Dell 5100CN

Color toner for the Dell 5100CN is now available from Green Peak Imaging Solutions. This remanufactured product adheres to the same strict quality standards that are imposed upon all of Green Peak Imaging Solutions products. 

"Through careful consideration, we feel the only viable remanufacturing solution that we can offer is the one we've chosen. As always, we can offer compatible toner, but we have yet to find one that can pass all of our quality standards," stated Dennis Fotopoulos, President of Green Peak Imaging Solutions, "During our search, we came across this product and we are pleased to offer it."

Pricing for this toner is available on the Green Peak Imaging Solutions website and can be ordered directly from there.

Order your toner and recycle your empty cartridges today with Green Peak Imaging Solutions!


Canon has a "Zero Landfill" goal, too - but that's where the similarity stops....

While researching a product for one of my friends - specifically, the Canon CLI-226 ink cartridges, I found out that not only is there no remanufactured solutions for this product available, but there is nothing on the horizon. This is one of many efforts of an OEM to pigeon-hole the consumer by shutting out the remanufactured product option. Canon's zero landfill policy is a respectable one, but not unique as you can see from our own policy here at Green Peak Imaging Solutions. While our companies share this goal, the resemblance ends there.

Don't get me wrong - I respect any and all legitimate environmental missions including those of the empirical OEMs. And while having a zero landfill policy is a legitimate and honorable environmental mission, the OEMs such as Canon need to go way beyond that to ensure that their products can be easily remanufactured and reused. The facts are clear now - reuse is the single most effective way to reduce landfill waste.

While some OEMs - Canon in particular, have respectable recycling programs implemented and are ISO 14000 certified. That is offset, however, by their practices which prevent third-party remanufacturing of their products. I found one today - the Canon CLI-226 cartridges. There may be compatibles available - but I don't think they are legal. Why not produce remanufacturer-friendly cartridges? Obvious - OEMs believe that such a model will adversely effect their bottom line.

We're working on finding domestic US sources that are able and willing to manufacture cartridges like these legally. If your company does this, please contact We will continue to endorse, promote and evangelize the only true reuse model - remanufacturing, and hopefully someday the OEMs will do the same, but for now I'll stand by their zero landfill policy - but that's where it stops.

Special End-Of-Year Savings

Green Peak Imaging Solutions is running its first product sale! With the popularity of the following products and the end of the year coming, we are offering you an opportunity to take advantage of the great savings and stock up eco-friendly toner. We'll add more as the year comes to a close, but for now, here is what we have:

HP #51X Q7551X LaserJet P3005/M3035/M3027 Hi-Yield Toner Cartridge - Remanufactured
US $109.99
HP #42X Q5942X LaserJet 4240/4250/4350 Hi-Yield Toner Cartridge - Remanufactured
US $99.99
HP #39A/42X/45A Q1339A/Q5942X/Q5945A LaserJet 4300, 4250/4350, 4345MFP Universal Toner Cartridge
US $109.99
HP #38A/38X/39A/42X/45A Q1338A/Q1339X/Q1339A/Q5942X/Q5945A LaserJet 4200, 4300, 4250/4350, 4345MFP Universal Toner Cartridge
US $109.99

For added savings, use coupon code YE35042010 for another 10% off!

Google Checkout

Green Peak Imaging continues to enhance it's store by adding Google Checkout as an easy option for those customers that would like single-click purchasing power when it comes to buying their eco-friendly imaging products here.

I must admit, Ihave been getting some heat for not having a single-click alternative, and, by popular demand, Google Checkout is now fully operational.

As always, thank you to all Green Peak Imaging Products customers. We take all of your feedback and advice to heart and will continue to work hard to make your purchasing experience with us a positive one.

Happy Shopping!

Green Festivus? Green Holidays?

Green Gift Monday

While Ink, Toner and Printers aren't too "festive" - why not celebrate Festivus, and the other holidays by making your holidays green? For our part, we will be running a 15% discount ALL DAY! Discount code to follow.

Check it all out on the the Nature Conservancy Blog - "How Will You Make Your Holidays Green?" and share your green secrets!










We're missing out on America Recycles Day? Well, not totally

Here's an embarrassing admission - we almost missed out totally on America Recycles Day. Green Peak Imaging Solutions' commitment to being landfill free in three years depends greatly on the science of recycling absolutely everything that we can. While we won't be running a local event for America Recycles Day this year, our model is always about recycling. We felt guilty about not running an actual event, though, and so I wanted to do my part to point out some of the things that local companies are doing for America Recycles Day - all of which can be found on the Keep America Beautiful Program's website.

Recycle your T'Shirts - Yup! These are recycled into paper and you can turn in your shirts at just about any Disney Store and they will collect them and get them recycled into paper for you.

Recycle your used electronics - As always, Green Peak Imaging Solutions will accept any printer that you need to dispose of. No preferences, we will take them all! We also have partners in the recycling industry that will gladly accept any other electronic components or devices that you have to recycle. There is no longer any reason whatsoever to put these in a dumpster or any landfill.

Plastic Bags - Murray Avenue Elementary school and others like them will be collecting and recycling plastic bags. There are literally dozens of reuse possibilities for plastic bags.

Cans and Bottles - We all know about these, and like electronic waste, there is no good reason not to recycle these.

For our part, we're going to continue to accept any and all printer cartridges that you might have. We will also take your printers! As for what we do with them, you can read about that here - or read about our Zero Landfill Mission HERE.

Considering Managed Print Services? Consider Incorporating Green Practices Along With MPS

Environmental Mission

Making Managed Print Services Greener

The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) has developed a set of core MPS Best Practices. Green Peak Imaging Solutions President, Dennis Fotopoulos recently wrote an article for Photizo's MPSInsights Journal which, in part, applied greener principles to the MPSA's MPS Best Practices as they exist now. The following outline lists these best practices, incorporating some ideas that hopefully will provoke some thought as to how Greener practices will not only save businesses more on print costs, but will also help them to bolster a commitment to Green IT initiatives:

Analysis: While analyzing the output and workflow during the analysis phase, consider the current parts and supplies fulfillment strategy or model employed by the MPS prospect.

  1. Are service parts and supplies being purchased on exchange?
  2. Are they remanufactured?
  3. Will printers be replaced?
  4. Are there methods and procedures in place for a recycling/ship-back policy for used parts and decommissioned printers? If so, is there a cost involved with disposal process?

Additional opportunities to save your customer even more on printing costs can be found within the answers to these questions. If the answers to questions A and B is no, then the opportunity is even greater.

Strategy: Include recycling solutions within your strategy by developing a streamlined process to recover and recycle defective and spent parts and office machine assets.

  1. Work with your toner and parts supplier to do this. They should willingly partner with you on this to make the process as easy and mutually beneficial as possible.
  2. Develop programs that reward the customer based on the amount of assets recycled.
  3. The initial payback for collected and decommissioned assets could be significant. Organize the sale and transfer
    of the assets with your parts vendor. This could even be the OEM manufacturer in some cases.
  4. Develop an itemized BOM with all inventoried assets to be sold. Prioritize assets that have value to illustrate the
    ROI for recycled assets for your customer.


  1. Continue a Return/Recycle/Reuse program with your customer.
  2. Work even closer with a trusted parts remanufacturer to establish point-to-point collection solutions to create a
    continuous pipeline of decommissioned assets and cores directly from your customer to your vendor's collection center.

Repeat: As the customer's printing requirements change over time, so, too, will the ecosystem landscape. That is, machines will need to be repaired, retired, replaced, etc. Keeping with the practices above will ensure that the cus- tomer will continue to benefit from the cost savings from their return/recycle/reuse model while remaining committed to Green IT practices.

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