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Canon has a "Zero Landfill" goal, too - but that's where the similarity stops....

While researching a product for one of my friends - specifically, the Canon CLI-226 ink cartridges, I found out that not only is there no remanufactured solutions for this product available, but there is nothing on the horizon. This is one of many efforts of an OEM to pigeon-hole the consumer by shutting out the remanufactured product option. Canon's zero landfill policy is a respectable one, but not unique as you can see from our own policy here at Green Peak Imaging Solutions. While our companies share this goal, the resemblance ends there.

Don't get me wrong - I respect any and all legitimate environmental missions including those of the empirical OEMs. And while having a zero landfill policy is a legitimate and honorable environmental mission, the OEMs such as Canon need to go way beyond that to ensure that their products can be easily remanufactured and reused. The facts are clear now - reuse is the single most effective way to reduce landfill waste.

While some OEMs - Canon in particular, have respectable recycling programs implemented and are ISO 14000 certified. That is offset, however, by their practices which prevent third-party remanufacturing of their products. I found one today - the Canon CLI-226 cartridges. There may be compatibles available - but I don't think they are legal. Why not produce remanufacturer-friendly cartridges? Obvious - OEMs believe that such a model will adversely effect their bottom line.

We're working on finding domestic US sources that are able and willing to manufacture cartridges like these legally. If your company does this, please contact We will continue to endorse, promote and evangelize the only true reuse model - remanufacturing, and hopefully someday the OEMs will do the same, but for now I'll stand by their zero landfill policy - but that's where it stops.


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