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Environmental Mission

Green Peak Imaging Solutions Recycling Policy

Green Peak Imaging Solutions environmental goal is simple - ZERO LANDFILL WASTE. By preventing pollution and minimizing the negative impact and maximizing the positive impact our activities have on the environment, we've committed ourselves to continuous improvement of our environmental practices. We have been asked the question - what do you do with the empties that can no longer be reused?

While the task is a challenge, for sure, the answer is quite simple:

  • Green Peak Imaging Solutions collects any empties cartridges, off-lease and end of use printers, worn printer subassemblies freely. In fact we pay to have them shipped to our recycling centers. Sometimes we encounter products that cannot be reused or reintroduced into the office ecosystem, so we must responsibly dispose of them.
  • Empties, subassemblies and printers that cannot be reused are (and will be) disassembled and separated into their core base materials - plastics, metals, rubber material, etc. 
  • These materials are currently baled, shredded or ground by our remanufacturing partners and as Green Peak Imaging Solutions grows, we will process the raw materials ourselves in-house. 
  • Our recycling partnerships that we are building will be the handlers of these materials when we are doing in-house processing.
  • What's more, in order to guarantee that these materials are responsibly disposed of by our partners, we require signed commitments from them that anything that Green Peak Imaging Solutions sends to them will be responsibly disposed of and kept from the landfill as much as possible. 
  • While we are not completely landfill free at the moment, we are committed to our zero landfill goal in three years. It is an aggressive one, we know, but we believe it to be worthwhile and we are certain that when we are able to bring all of our recycling activities in-house, we will achieve the goal of significantly minimizing landfill waste and adhering to our corporate committment to eliminate landfill waste generated by our company by September, 2013 or sooner.

Further, Green Peak Imaging Solutions is committed to recycling 100% of all plastics, metals, corrugate, and wood. For more information about our Environmental Mission or if you have any questions or feedback, contact us at


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