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Environmental Mission

About Green Peak Imaging Solutions

Green Peak Imaging Solutions is an alternative imaging supply company providing cost-effective and eco-friendly imaging products such as toner, ink, maintenance kits and printers to companies and home offices across the USA.

Our mission is to reclaim, recycle, remanufacture, and reintroduce quality imaging products into the home and business office ecosystem with little to no impact on the environment.

Green Peak Imaging Solutions environmental goal is simple - ZERO LANDFILL WASTE. By preventing pollution and minimizing the negative impact and maximizing the positive impact our activities have on the environment, we've committed ourselves to continuous improvement of our environmental practices. We strive to lead the way to becoming a "green" leader by:

  • Significantly minimizing landfill waste and adhering to our corporate commitment to eliminate landfill waste generated by our company by September, 2013 or sooner;
  • Remaining committed to a remanufacturing model. We will accept all empties, imaging components, retired imaging assets such as printers and copiers, and we will either seek to have them remanufactured, or responsibly demanufactured and disseminated into raw materials for recycling and reuse;
  • Provide easy mechanisms for all who want to recycle their imaging components;
  • Partner with manufacturers and recycling companies that share Green Peak Imaging Solutions' ZERO LANDFILL commitment;
  • Ensure that all products are disassembled in North America (preferably the United States) and waste is never shipped outside of the continent.

Further, Green Peak Imaging Solutions is committed to recycling 100% of all plastics, metals, corrugate, and wood. For more information about our Environmental Mission or if you have any questions or feedback, contact us at


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